Required travel documents for Cuba (for non-Cubans)

What documents are required to travel to Cuba?

The information below is intended as a general guidance and should cover the key requirements for most citizens of Europe (EU, EFTA, UK and Turkey), Canada and LatAm. Additional requirements apply for US citizens. Rules can change any time. Please ensure that you always check your country-specific requirements and follow the guidance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Cuban embassy in your country.

  1. Tourists need a passport that is still valid for at least 6 months at their entry into Cuba.
  2. All tourists require proof (confirmation in Spanish or English) of a foreign travel health insurance that includes Cuba and also covers COVID-19 related medical costs. 
  3. Tourists need a confirmation for a return or onward flight latest 90 days after entry. 
  4. Most tourists need to get a Cuban Tourist Card* (visa) PRIOR to checking in for their flight. Make sure you purchase it well in advance (see further infos below)*.
  5. All travelers to Cuba must complete this online health and customs declaration max. 48 hours before boarding their flight. Here you will also have to add the address of your first accommodation in Cuba: Online form D'Viajeros Cuba

What is the Cuban Tourist Card and how can you purchase it?*

Travelers from most countries need to get a Tourist Card (visa) prior to their flight (will be checked at the check-in or boarding of your flights). The card will now be valid for 90 days. Previously it was only valid for 30 days with two possibilities for prolongation.

Cuban Tourist Cards come in two colors: pink and green. If you travel to Cuba directly from the US, you require a pink tourist card. If not, you need a green one (and are lucky, as it is cheaper).

You can purchase the tourist card from your country's Cuban embassy or consulate, through a local travel agent or tour company (usually only if you book a part of your trip to Cuba with them), online and in some cases through your airline (see options and more infos below). 

Recommendations for online options to purchase the tourist card and further relevant websites:  

Exceptions (different procedures applied by airlines or different rules for some countries):  

  1. Some airlines include the tourist card for their flights to Cuba or provide the possibility to purchase it at the airport (e.g. for direct flights departing from Canada or Mexico or for some charter airlines, such as Condor and Edelweiss flying directly from Francfort or Zuerich). Check with your airline on time to confirm the details.
  2. Citizens of many Caribbean countries do not require a tourist card. The same applies to citizens from Belarus, Benin, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Malaysia,  Mongolia, Montenegro, Russia, Singapore and Serbia.
  3. Citizens of Kosovo are not permitted to travel to Cuba at all.