Welcome in the 'Casa Sol y Sombra' - YOUR HOME IN HAVANA

The 'Casa Sol y Sombra' is currently not renting its 2 bedrooms anymore, waiting for times to normalize after COVID-19. 

Casa Sol y Sombra: 2 rooms in casa particular (= B&B or homestay)

Casa Sol y Sombra - casa particular (B&B)

We offer a B&B or homestay (called casa particular in Cuba), renting two bedrooms, each with its private bathroom and air condition.

The casa is located in street Neptuno # 560, between the streets Escobar and Lealtad, first floor, Central Havana, Havana, Cuba (10 min. walking distance from Old Havana).

COVID-19 related entry requirements valid since October 2022

1.  All travelers to Cuba must complete this online form: Online form Cuba

2.  Local medical representatives will visit casas particulares. Anyone with respiratory symptoms may be moved to a clinic or isolation center and will have to pay for PCR test(s) and medical services by credit card. Travelling companions may be required to self-isolate in their accommodation pending a negative PCR test result.

3.  On 19 July 2022, the Government made face masks "mandatory" again on public transport and in healthcare settings and medical facilities, as well as for people with respiratory symptoms. Using face masks in all other settings is “recommended”. 

Nearly all touristic activities in Havana and tours through the whole island are allowed again. However, we still recommend you get updated information on the valid Covid-19 regulations in Cuba prior to booking your flights and reserving your stay.

Photos of terrace of Casa Sol y Sombra

Some impressions of Casa Sol y Sombra

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Casa Sol y Sombra - Description

Address: Street Neptuno # 560, between Escobar & Lealtad, first floor, Central Havana, Havana, Cuba

Owner: Alexander Copello Correoso

Home phone: +53 7 861 6413

Cell phone Onelia (mother of Alexander): +53 5 855 8109

Email: CasaSolySalsa@gmail.com


'Casa Sol y Sombra' is a nice and spacious house (casa particular) and Alexander rents two bedrooms for up to 3 persons each. Both bedrooms are spacious, have their private bathrooms with hot and cold water and are equipped with air condition, 1 queen-size bed, 1 single bed, make-up table, cupboard, fan and refrigerator. 


Our guests are also welcome to use the communal rooms and areas, such as the living room, kitchen, patio and balcony on the first floor, as well as the two terraces on the second floor (the sheltered one of 'Casa Sol y Salsa' and the open one of 'Casa Sol y Sombra') .



- 30 EUR (or USD) per night and bedroom

- Special deals are available for stays of 14 days or longer. 

Regular cleaning and exchange of towels and bed linen is included in the price (frequency will depend on your personal preference). Laundry service can also be provided on request.


'Casa Sol y Sombra' also offers breakfast (for 5 EUR or USD per person) and dinner (for 8-12 EUR or USD per person, depending on the choice).


If you wish, you can write us to our e-mail CasaSolySalsa@gmail.com to reserve a room for your visit in Havana or to ask for more information, e.g. to provide you with an offer for a longer stay or with further input regarding our availabilities, alternative accommodation options, etc.